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Our know-how in the LED vehicle lighting industry integrated with the industry trends and new perception of emergency and warning lamps to develop a collection of innovative products of excellent performance fitted to a vehicle for different reasonable usages. We have created different kinds of them with different lighting effects for you.

Spare Parts

High-quality Materials

At Smartsun, with hundreds of trials of different suppliers and various types of metal alloys, we finally find out that the xxx aluminium alloy we used is the best material to build emergency and warning lamps casings and heat sinks capable of managing the heat produced by LEDs.

Bespoke Design Solution

As one of the leading automative lighting factory in China, Smartsun’s experienced engineers are able to offer you a comprehensive tailor-made solution within your budgets, based on the type and the usage of your vehicle.

Signal Lamp
Safety Lamp

Brightness and Sharpness

In order to provide additional warning of a hazard when stationary, or to convey to others the urgency occurs on the journey, the light effects of these lights are of great importance. With a series strict production mangement, all of them are went through optical tests before you receive.

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