Optical Design of Automotive Lighting - Smartsun

1. Master the law of optical design around the world

We organize and familiarize ourselves with the latest regulatory documents of ECE, SAE, DOT, ADR, and other international regulations to dynamically understand and master the latest automotive lighting design requirements.

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2. Introduce advanced optical software

Smartsun factory is equipped with the world’s most accurate and high-speed optical CAE, Lucid shape and ANSYS SPEOS software. It provides us with a platform of dual interaction design, and dual analysis that accurately simulates the optical system performance of our lights.

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3. Abundant optical material library

With a great number of LED lighting sources from different manufacturers and ANSYS’s SPEOS optical simulation software’s optical material library, we can carry out high-speed and accurate CAE design under international regulations of automotive lighting. It is proof that all of them are verified and the feasibility of the optical system that our product design cycle can be shortened.

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4. Precious optical measuring equipment

Having an LED light source photoelectric parameter measurement system in our site, all our optics pass through this system. This truly characterizes the photoelectric performance of LED and provides accurate and reliable simulation basis for optical CAE analysis.

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5. Automotive lighting function test system

After the product is designed, the advanced high-precision traffic and vehicle lighting performance tests system quickly and accurately test the feasibility of pre-product design. This ensures that the product’s light distribution performance meets the design requirements and standards.

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