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Innovative Layout for Component Versatility

Current Situation

Many structural engineers of headlights aim at achieving product functions and shapes, but they  lack consideration of internal parts’ versatility. Therefore, it is impossible to make the parts of different products that functions the same, which leads to an increase in product cost.

Warning Lights R D Summary in 2018 1

Our Solution

Under the premise of satisfying the function and appearance, we adjust the product layout and shape, optimize the parts with the same specifications and materials as the common parts, and design multiple products at the same time to realize product standardization and modularization.

Mechanical Design 2

Circuit Anti-Interference Ability

Current Situation

In the process of turning on the lights, it is necessary to prevent other electronic products in the vehicle system from interfering with the working conditions of the lighting itself. The radiation signals generated by the lamp products cannot interfere with other electronic products in the vehicle.

Mechanical Design 3

Our Solution

We will adjust and optimize the shape and size of the metal structural parts according to different types of lights, and then modify the design to achieve the structural functions of the product and anti-interference function.

Mechanical Design 6

Integrating Light Board and Drive Control Board

Current Situation

In order to meet the 360° illumination requirements of the conventional Beacon Lamp, its optical layout solution adopts several vertically placed LED panels and a drive control circuit board, which complicates the structure and assembly of the product.

Mechanical Design 4

Our Solution

We use the principle of multiple total reflections to develop an innovative solution to optimize the internal design by integrating light board and drive control board into one piece.

Mechanical Design 5

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