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Precise Quality Control

Not only is Smartsun dedicated to the quality of raw materials, but also on the functions and the quality of the finished product. This plays a vital role on our brand building as well as your business.

In our laboratory, each of Smartsun's product passes through all the tests under strict instructions by our experienced workers before packaging.

  • Temperature and Humidity Test

    Temperature and Humidity Test Picture-Automotive Lighting

    Both temperature and humidity have great effects on the performance of automotive lighting.

    In order to ensure they can withstand these challenges and work smoothly, we simulate some extreme conditions in hot, moisture and cold aspects for every product.

    • Temperature fluctuations from -40 °C to 100 °C last to 48 hours
    • 95% air humidity and up to 80 degrees Celsius
  • Waterproof Test

    Water Tset-Automotive Lighting

    Water is one of the most frequently environmental conditions we encountered, and it also post a big threat on the your automotive lighting products, affecting its service life.

    Our QC team conducts real-world simulation tests in this regard as well by using universal spray booths to ensure they are IP65 rating.

    • Splash water test at a pressure of up to 5 bar
    • Sprayed water test at a pressure of up to 10 bar
  • Vibration Test

    Vibration Test-Automotive Lighting

    The conditions of the roads are also have great influences on the lighting performance and lifespan.

    At Smartsun, we apply wideband random vibration test with the frequency range that extends from 10 to 1000 Hertz to ensure each one of them meets the requirements.

    • Test the mechanical endurance strength in the vertical and horizontal axes
  • Dust Test

    Dust Test-Automotive Lighting

    Dust poses a negative environmental condition on lamps.

    We conduct this test with “unfired Portland cement” as the test medium. We then measure the photometric value before and after the test to guarantee the quality.

    • Over-pressure or underpressure exposure of the automotive lighting

Professional Project Management

The quality of our services is of great significance in establishing our brand influence.  We believe that continuity plays a vital role, so our project managers will work with you from the very beginning of our communication to the end of the project.

They will create a schedule based on your project, then oversee the design, manufacture and packaging processes to ensure all your products meet all the requirements according to your specifications, and are delivered on time.

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