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Smartsun strives to provide impressive products for each client we serve. Through collaboration within our organization and constant study and communication, we are able to manufacture automotive lamps that are well-known worldwide.Check out our production workshop now!

Mold Manufacturing

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Progressive Blanking -Automotive Lighting Injection Molding -Automotive Lighting Quality Assurance-Automotive Lighting

Plastic Injection Molding

Progressive Blanking

After blending, our workers put the qualified raw materials into the injection molding machine under instructions.

Injection Molding

With our professional and experienced workforce, your product will be made by our state-of-the-art machines.

Quality Assurance

Each plastic component will be checked carefully to assure its specification and surface before next process.

Assembly Workshop


In the very beginning of assembly process , our workers weld the wires to the circuit board followed by detailed instructions.

Semi-finished inspection

After welding the wires, the semi-finished products will be turned on to assure its functions and lighting effects.


After passing through the test, the qualified products will be assembled with the plastic shell by our skillful workers.

Automatic Gluing

During this process, automotive lighting products will be glued one by one via our cutting-edge automatic gluing machine.

Quality Assurance

All finished products lights will be on for more than 24 hours, during this time they will be inspected by experienced workers.


We will then package your automotive lights carefully in designated packagings based on your needs.

Welding-Automotive Lighting Semi-finished Inspection-Automotive Lighting Assembly-Automotive Lighting Automatic Gluing-Automotive Lighting Quality Assurance-Automotive Lighting Packaging-Automotive Lighting

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