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Our Mission

To protect everyone when on the road or in the workplace.

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Who We Are

Your reliable partner who understands different vehicle lighting's needs for your usage.

Nowadays, a great number of companies are facing changes in the rapidly changing technology trends, fluctuating product demand, a tight talent market, and so forth.

As a diversified privately owned technology automotive lighting manufacturing company, Smartsun is positioned to provide different kinds of lighting, like headlights, beacons, etc. in the Aftermarket and Original Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier markets, or bring support to best-in-class lighting solutions covering all types of vehicles.

Smartsun is a leading technology-oriented factory based in China, it is in the hands of a trusted professional leadership team. We offer personalized service and attention with the combination of industry-leading technology, expertise, and resources to every partner.

What We Do

As a manufacturer of high-quality safety solutions for different usage in vehicles, Smartsun is an ISO9001:2008 verified factory. It integrates smart, novel design, state-of-the-art technologies to improve our products or generate new series to meet your needs.

Why Us

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Smartsun ensures the environment we chose is the best for quality work and innovation.

We ensure the quality of our products, the success of our customers and the safety of our workforce. A great number of skilled professionals arrive to design, build, test and ship thousands of pieces for our diverse global customers. This leads to the production of high-quality automotive lighting for different kinds of vehicles that make people much more safer.

Highly Accessible

With a wide range of transportation methods connected to the factory, Smartsun offers competitive transportation costs and options for raw materials selection and product delivery.

High-Tech Flex

In order to meet the needs of customers that want the flexibility of a small firm with the capabilities of a big company. We strive to improve our ability to focus more on building the best project for your product.

Continuous Supports

Our project manager will continuous offer you a range of program support reports from our design and engineering experts, pre-production review to complete product design services.

How We Cooperate

We adhere to quality standards, industry regulations and best practices.

With the vision of understanding and serving the vehicle lighting needs of dynamic and demanding industry, we aim to achieve this target through the bold pursuit of excellence and a willful desire to serve our customers, co-workers, and society at large. We look forward to earning your trust and building a win-win relationship together.

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