AC84 Linear Beam Forklift Lamp - Smartsun
  • AC84 Forklift Safety Lamp front view
  • AC84 Forklift Safety Lamp Red color lighting effect
  • AC84 Forklift Safety Lamp Green color lighting effect
  • AC84 Forklift Safety Lamp Blue color lighting effect
  • AC84 Forklift Safety Lamp side view
  • AC84 Forklift Safety Lamp back view
  • Forklift Safety Lamp application scene

AC84 Linear Beam Forklift Lamp


AC84 series straight line safety lamp is specially designed for forklifts. With 2 AC84 forklift lamps, forming smooth straight lines at the back and on two sides of the forklifts, to alert pedestrians and other vehicles of the forklifts approaching blind corners. Also, it can be used in conjunction with an AA95 arc line lamp to project a perfect U-shaped warning zone, ensuring the safety of pedestrians by preventing foot injuries and collisions. It offers a comprehensive pedestrian warning system for forklifts in warehouses.


  • Voltage ranges:10~80V, suitable for various types of forklifts
  • Durable PC lens minimizes environmental damage
  • Aluminum housing allows effective heat dissipation and greatly extends lifespan
  • With the smooth square edges lighting at the back and two sides of the forklift
  • The straight line length is adjustable
  • Can be used by combining with arc safety lamp as per requirements
  • 2- year warranty
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  • Specifications
  • Dimensions
  • Mounting
  • Approvals ECE R10
    LEDs 8 PCS*3W
    Light color Red/Green/Blue
    Operating voltage 10~80V
    Operating temperature  -30℃~ +65℃
    Wires Red: Positive(+)
    Black: Negative(-)
    Cable length 500mm cable
    Housing Aluminium die-casting
    Lens PC
    Waterproof IP67
    Net weight 540g/PC (bracket included)
    Packing Inner box: 115x100x170mm
    Outer box: 360x315x360mm
    Qty.: 18PCS/Carton
    Warranty 2 Years
  • Mounted by swiveling bracket

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